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My itinerary!

This bicycle expedition through the three Americas is divided into seven stages. Each of which represent a distinct region of various length. The following description will give you a better idea of the areas I intend to cover. The distance and estimated time are based on maps and fellow cyclists. Things could change at any moment…

Stage 1 : Prudhoe Bay-Vancouver
Prudhoe Bay, the northenmost town in Alaska. It is the begining of the road and it will be the starting point of my jouney south. From there I will cycle to Fairbanks, Anchorage, Tok and Haines. From Haines, a ferry will take me through the Inside Passage to Prince Rupert where, after 24 hours of navigation, I will resume my route to Vancouver. This stage will be completed after approximatly 3500 km in 3 months. I will take advantage of my time in Alaska to explore the surroundings of Mt McKinley, do some sea kayaking among the icebergs and whales and discover the single tracks.

Stage 2 : Vancouver-San Diego
From Vancouver a ferry will take me to Vancouver Island, where after a few days of biking another boat will take me across to the USA. From Port Townsed, I will head to the pacific coast, a coast I will follow for more than 2300 km down to the Mexican border. With the ocean to my right, I will cycle the « Pacific Coast Bike Route » very popular among cyclists. A month and a half later, I will cross the Mexican border to Tijuana. San Diego the last big city will be a resting and resupplying point before my entry into Latin America.

Stage 3 : Mexico
From Tijuana I will travel the Baja California peninsula to the end of the 1800 km road. From the tip, in Carlo San Lucas, I will turn north for the first time to La Paz to catch a ferry to the mainland in Matazlan. My journey will then lead me to Mexico City where friends will be waiting for me for some rest and a chance to improve my Spanish, an essential language before I head further south into Latin America. From Mexico City I will follow my adventure southward stoping in Oaxaca and Tuxla. A stage of approximatly 4400 km completed in 2 months.

Stage 4 : Central America
My entry into Guatemala will be the start of this 4th stage. Approximatly 3000 km in 4 months through Central America. This route will allow me to explore 6 countries : Guatamala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. I will take this opportunity to soak in and get a feel of the native culture. Panama will bring a temporary break. An important decision will have to be made : fly or navigate to cross the dangerous Darien Gap. A decisoin that will have to do with the political situation in Colmbia.
Stage 5 : Colombia and Ecuador
If Colombia’s political situation stabilizes itself, my road will lead me through this wonderful country and the diversity of Ecuador. From Jurado, the sea port that will be my South American entrance, I will cycle toward Medellin. My path will zigzag between the occidental, central and oriental cordilleras to bring me to Quito. In Ecuator I will discover three distint nations living in three different areas such as the coast, the sierra and the amazon. If I go though Columbia biking, I will have covered 1800 km in 2 months.

Stage 6 : Peru and Bolivia
An awaited stage will start when I come to Peru. From the border I will follow the north coast until Chimbote where I will go towards the mountains. I will take the Andes road until Cusco and from there I will bike to La Paz in Bolivia, going by lake Titicaca and Maccu Pichu. Most of my stay in Bolivia will take place on the Altiplano which lay at an altitude of 3500m. The cities of La Paz, Oruno, Potosi and the Salar de Uyuni will complete my Bolivian stay. A long step of 5000 km in 4 months.

Stage 7 : Chile-Argentina
The crossing of the Bolivia-Chile border will be the start of the last step. The one that will lead me the end of my expedition, to the end of the continent. The longest stage, 6000 km in 4 months. My descent through those two wonderful countries separated by the Andes will make me climb hills and mountaintops of 5000 meters. Patagonia, the land of wind, will be the last section of this expedition. Ushuaia will only be a few pedal strokes away. Ushuaia, the end of the world will signify my accomplishement, the achivement of my dream, my victory…

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