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My project : Downhill through the Americas

what is it?
For me, Chrystine Roy, it is a solo bicycle journey which consists of travelling the three Americas from north to south. I will be starting from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and going to Ushuaia, Argentina. I intend to cover approximatly 25 000 km along the Pacific coast over a period of 18 to 24 months.

If you look further, it is much more. It is a dream that is gradually becoming a reality. It is my way of following my Personal Legend, my way of satisfying my drive for adventure. It is also a fund raising event for the Children’s Wish Foundation. For every kilometre cycled, money will be raised and donated directly to the Foundation. The money will be granted to children suffering from life treathening illnesses and put toward the realisation of their dreams.

What are my goals?
I intend to live life to its fullest and reach out for freedom. I want to breath life and feel it flow through my veins. I want to grow as a person and become better aquainted with my inner---self through my daily experiences. I wish to explore our magnificent planet while nourishing my passion for the outdoors, photography and of course mountain biking. I want to explore the fundamental values of life and get closer to my ideals.

I do not want these experiences to remain barren and they will only gain value once shared. I wish to reach as many poeple as posible in order to communicate and maybe inspire them to follow their own Personal Legend. As well as make them realise that we should all continue to dream, and that fullfiling a dream is accessible to all of us. Once the first step is taken the road will lead you to success and happiness.

I want to show women that this drive for accomplishment through travel, adventure and challenge is possible for us as well. We possess the strengh and the boldness needed for the realisation of our most ambitious projects as long as we have the determination.

I want to unify all the nations living on the same continent, sharing our identity, way of living, culture through human contact and interaction nourishing the soul. I do not want anymore of this empty informaiton gotten upon the tip of our fingers.

Of course, I wish as many chidren possible to realize their dearest dreams. In such a jounrey, the final destination is not the ultimate goal but how one gets there. For me biking will be my mean of transportation, the vehicle that will enable me to discover new horizons.

What about me?
I could start with the classic description : 29 years old, 5’6’’, occupational therapist … but I would rather tell you that I am an eternal dreamer and an optimist. I am a ressoursfull person who loves challenges. Deep down, I have the sacred flame which pushes me to always go further, to explore and to learn.

I spent part of my childhood swimming where thousands of laps allowed me to built my determination and gave me the tools to reach my goals. I did a lot of camping with my family and learned to live in harmony with nature. From there my passion for the outdoors was born, which allowed me to discover among other things the mountain bike : a sport, a means of transportation and a passion. Later my University education enabled me to work as a volunteer in missonary hospitals in underdeveloped countries. Those wonderful experiences taught me to respect life, and the importance of sharing and helping each other.

With the wisdom of this third decade coming and with the people around me, I am learning to live intensly the present moment but…I will always continue to dream…

Chrystine Roy

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